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If we go back a few decades, widespread illiteracy and shocking poverty thaw most of the villages of India into darkness and retarded the social and economic development. Sagardighi is not an exception to this general trend of India. The local people totally depend on agriculture for their livelihood and remain engaged throughout the year. Murshidabad has been famous for its agro-based silk industry since the middle ages. Though the area was trying to develop her economy through infrastructural development , power development to drive its growth engine, by expanding of farming area and introducing of high - yielding varieties of crops, by expanding service sectors, tele - communication and information technology after Globalization, Liberalization and Privatization, but it could not pull itself out from widespread illiteracy and preparing itself to quest her thrust for higher education at per with urban areas .

For development of the village, the need for education and health infrastructure was duly emphasized and planned. With zeal, at the later part of the first decade of this century , some of the political leaders of the locality along with the dedicated local people came forward to establish a degree college. The process of establishing the Institution was initiated by the local educationists with the help of the then local MP , Sri Pranab Mukherjee - the 13th President of India and Bharat Ratna who will be cherished for his impeccable service to the Nation. The people of the locality donated generously as much as they could. But ultimately the college was set up at Sagardighi with the financial help from Kamada Kinkar Memorial Trust in December, 2008. Read More

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Message from the desk of Principal

It’s my immense pleasure to welcome you all to our SKKSM family. I hope this message finds you well and filled with anticipation for the exciting journey that lies ahead. As we stand at the threshold of a new hope, I am filled with enthusiasm to share a few of my silly views that are knocking the door of my mind.

Dear students, I believe,

Indian students have a very bright future.

I am sure that you have worked hard during the last couple of years. But the coming 4 years will be very crucial in your life,
The entire future depends on these years.
We believe           Read More

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